Christine Boyce Fine Art
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The Life & Work of Christine Boyce

As a child, Christine Boyce loved to draw.  As she progressed through school, her teachers began to notice that she had real talent, and encouraged her to get more seriously involved with the art world, including advanced art courses, exhibitions, and competitions. 

Christine spent five years in the formal study of Art & Art History at Moorpark College, in Moorpark, California and at the Art Center of Pasadena, in Pasadena, California.  Her studies included formal training in Illustration & Fine Arts.  

Christine continued to work on her art while also working for an upscale retail chain in Los Angeles.  This experience provided an additional form of training, that of learning to work well with clients from all over the world.  Christine then turned to the corporate world, taking a position at the headquarters of a nationwide restaurant chain.   Although she spent her days catering to the executives and in-house staff, her passion was still for her art. 

She now spends as much time as possible drawing and looking for new subjects.   She enjoys working on landscapes and animals, and is always experimenting with new themes. She is currently working on a series of pictures inspired by a recent trip to Hawaii, and is looking forward to showing them when complete.  The first work in this series, entitled "Red Ginger", is already on display in the gallery section of this site.